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Book Clubs

[Downloadable PDF Version of Discussion Questions]

  1. How did the setting enhance or detract from the story? Where in the novel did you think the sense of place was the strongest?
  2. Do you think the author has some sort of ulterior motive in writing this book or is it just pure entertainment?
  3. Do you think that Callahan is so affected by her upbringing and her mother’s prejudices that her judgment is clouded?
  4. Is Pepper Dade to be trusted? What attributes of his encourage you to trust him? Which ones cause you to mistrust him?
  5. Which characters did you find most believable?
    • Is Honey as wholesome and normal as she seems?
    • What about Juby and Ruby? The author plans a sequel. Should Callahan be afraid of either in book two?
    • Which of the minor characters like Irene Pasquini, Harry Applegate, and Annie Applegate are most important? Which ones are most likeable? Which ones most enrich the rest of the story? Are there any you want to learn more about in a sequel?
  6. Are there other hidden dangers that are unresolved?
  7. How did the characters change as the story progresses? How would the outcome be different if they hadn’t?
  8. Callahan makes a decision at the end of the book. What do you think she intends to do, and do you think it is the right decision? Why or why not?
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