Low country love, laughter, and intrigue!

Welcome Readers

Thank you for your interest in Callahan Banks, my determined, solitary, nature-loving biology professor who uses her knowledge to solve crimes.

As for me, I am really fascinated by, possessive of, worried about the flora and fauna on our planet. I care too much, I suppose. (Though, really, is that possible?) I hope you will enjoy my zany characters, an ongoing torrid love story, and even solve a few murders with me while slowing down long enough in your own world to care about how interconnected we all are from smallest salamander to highest oak leaf. Oh, yes, and laugh a little. I’ve deliberately drawn characters that have a little fun. Life’s wayyyyyy too serious right now.

This is a new website for me, and I’m determined to be a more responsive, modern writer. So, once or twice a month, I’ll share a little knowledge from Callahan (or me). The sequel to my Callahan Banks Mystery, Perils of a Pregnant Sleuth, is out now! The first chapter of that next novel is posted here for those of you who are interested.

Thanks for dropping by.